We want to help you find your Joy! We’re all about community and creating a welcoming and fun space for you to dance, move, and learn. Joy Studio offers the best variety of classes, workshops and events in the Bow Valley.

We specialize in private classes for Bachelorettes and Birthdays and love hosting retreats and special events.
We also offer Reiki sessions and certifications. We celebrate creativity, self-care, and smiles.

Come sweat, sparkle and shine with us!

We are excited to introduce Gabriel Caron as a new instructor at Joy Studio. Catch his Neigong classes on Mondays from 6pm-7:30pm beginning April 8.


May 10 – Kim will unveil TEMPLE. It’s not a class, it’s an experience!

June 14 – Join Crystal Sparrow, Lisa Philips, to learn all about crystals and enjoy a Chakra Yoga class with Kim. In shavasana, everyone will receive Reiki from Lisa, Kim and Nat.



It’s not just a class – it’s an experience.
Coming May 10



#sparkthejoyevenings – May 10 – TEMPLE

Margarita is coming back for May! She will teach a Flamenco/Latin Dance class at 6pm and Couples Dance at 8pm! Kim and Margarita have danced together for a long time! Starting way back in 2003. Kim took Margarita’s Flamenco and Latin Dance classes and was a part of her Scarlet Gypsies Dance Troupe. We have been lucky to perform together in Canmore, Banff, Kimberley and at this lovely wedding at the Banff Springs Hotel a few years ago!