Wellness is a part of Joy Studio. In our Wellness Room we are happy to provide
Reiki, Channelling, SolePath Mentoring, Oracle Card Readings, and Private Physiotherapy Classes, and Coaching by different providers.


Reiki is channelling universal life force energy to improve the receiver’s physical, emotional and spiritual health.
Book a session with Kim Mayberry or Natalie Millar by contacting the studio.

Kim and Nat are both Reiki Masters and dedicated to providing a loving and caring atmosphere. They both are so grateful for to opportunity to share Reiki magic with others. Kim has studied Reiki for over 15 years and also teaches Reiki Certifications. Nat is a Reiki Master who also is certified in Reflexology.


30 minutes Reiki – $30
45 minutes Reiki – $45
60 minutes Reiki – $60
60 minutes Reiki and Mini Oracle Card Reading with Kim – $75
60 minutes Reiki & Reflexology – $75

Our Wellness Room

Reiki can be given with touch or without depending on the preference of the Receiver.

Natalie offers both Reiki and Reflexology sessions.